The 3 Best Rebounds For Justin and Selena Now That They Are Broken Up

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Stop the presses! Last week, the biggest thing that could happen in America happened! JELENA BROKE UP, GUYS! That’s right! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are no longer an item. Maybe she read my post about how awesome she is by herself and then she decided to end things with her Biebs. Smart move.

The rumor is that their hectic schedules drove them apart, but I think they broke up because Selena realized she was dating Justin Bieber. So, after almost two years, the couple is officially over. Since they were together for a pretty long time (for young couples), each of them is going to need an awesome rebound guy or girl, which is where we come in. No need to date around, Selena and Justin. I’ve found the perfect rebounds for both of you so you can move on from your first love (and maybe get a lot of publicity in the process).

For Selena:

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James Franco

It was rumored that Selena and James did a lot of flirting on the set of Spring Breakers. I think he would be a great guy for her because he’s a lot older, therefore it would be a good step up from dating Justin who is barely out of diapers. James is also very intelligent (he's been to like 10 colleges) and would probably make Selena feel more mature and grown up. He’s also pretty goofy, which I think she would love because she seems like a fun, outgoing girl.

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Everyone knows that Leo likes his ladies young, and rumor has it that he’s no longer casting his girlfriends from this year's Victoria's Secret catalogue. This is the perfect opportunity for Selena to swoop in and show him what he’s been missing. Also, remember when Justin rented out the entire Staples Center so they could watch Selena's favorite movie, which just happens to be Titanic? What a perfect coincidence.

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A One Directioner

Nothing would make Justin more jealous than seeing Selena with one of the guys from One Direction. Apparently Niall Horan (whichever one that is) hit on Selena at an awards show, and it made Justin angry. Justin then told Niall to keep away from Selena or else…because if anyone is threatening, it’s Justin Bieber. If Selena were to now be seen with Niall, Justin would explode.

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