Grab Your Popcorn! The Heartbroken Justin Bieber Is Already Spiraling Out Of Control

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Last night Justin Bieber, the ex-boyfriend of Glamour's Women of the Year Selena Gomez,  allegedly got pulled over and ticketed by a cop in Los Angeles for driving recklessly. (Also for being Hot! Ready! and Legal!) How recklessly did our favorite fondue artist drive through town?

According to E! Online, this recklessly:

According to one report, he was initially pulled over by sheriff's deputies after making an unsafe left turn, though it's unclear what he was ultimately reportedly ticketed for.

Unsafe left turn? That's the female break-up equivalent of listening to Adele while shopping for cats who can quote When Harry Met Sally on Overstock.com. Yes, I said it. Justin Bieber's at that horrific level of heartbreak. We can now say that Selena Gomez essentially did open heart surgery on him without anesthesia. She just cut open his chest, removed his heart, stomped on it, autographed it and sold it to a Selantor.

And he's responding by making unsafe left turns. We're at the point where anything can happen next. Like maybe he won't come to a complete stop at a stop sign — or worse get a foul vanity plate that spells out something nasty. Something like S3L3naH8tR.

So it seems like the right time to say there's nothing more satisfying than seeing a heartbroken teenager act out his feelings in public. I guess it's just nice to see that you're not the only one who responds to a break-up by making unsafe left terms. And I do mean that literally as well as metaphorically.

(Photo: Hall/Pena, PacificCoastNews.com)