In Case You Needed Proof Jelena Reuniting Is A Bad Idea, Chris Brown Is Involved

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber attending American Music Awards November 2011In case you were wondering, I'm not having any difficulty coming up with reasons that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez getting back together is a bad idea. In fact, I can name five right off the top of my head — my two eyes, two ears, and one brain. They all provide me with information on a daily basis suggesting that Justin is imploding and with Jelena reunited, it looks like now he's fixin' to take Selena with him.

But just when I thought that my list of objections to this star-crossed on-again-off-again couple was complete and that nothing could get added to it, something did — apparently Chris Brown is involved. GREAT. Because anything that he endorses is always such a good ideaWhat a terrifying thought, that he's playing mentor to these kids. I guess the main hand that he had in their reuniting was providing them with his RV in which to stay on a recent camping trip they took on January 4th. Because I guess we're still calling staying in a $2 million RV ‘camping'.

“Justin and his family and some friends camped here at KOA Kampground. They were all really down to earth and just stayed one night on [Jan. 4] in an RV. Some of them stayed in tents. This is a really family friendly place and super low key.”

Chris wasn't there himself, thank god, but the two were joined by Justin's dad Jeremy Bieber, because apparently even he realizes this is a train wreck waiting to happen and there should be at least a little supervision.

But thanks a million from all of us, Chris, for helping to bring one of the most befuddling relationships of 2013 into 2014. I'm sure Selena appreciates it, too, right in the middle of her ‘me time'. UGH.

(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.com)