Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Either Back Together Or Working on a Late Night Science Project

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Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez return to Bieber's customized Mercedes-Benz van after a romantic movie date in LA

Don’t go expecting another choreographed breakup dance from Selena Gomez anytime soon. (Or maybe do?) It appears that Selena and Justin Bieber are back together. They were seen at the YLA concert at the Soho House in LA together this weekend, and then Selena was seen sneaking out of his house the next morning.

But before we jump to any conclusions, let’s go through the possibilities of what an 18-year-old stud and a 20-year-old beauty could be doing into the wee hours of night other than getting back together.

Perhaps they were doing a science fair project. Or making a diorama of the Jamestown settlement in 1607. Another option is that they could have been on incubator duty to watch the homeroom class's chicks who just hatched, because someone needs to make sure they are okay over the weekend.

But lets be real. They are not in 6th grade anymore and Selena seems like she’d be adorably horrible at arts and crafts. So they are back together.

They were both clearly unhappy without the other one. Justin was on the record last week for going through a tough time. And on the other side of town, Selena was belting out heartbreaking renditions of other people’s breakup songs. But I wonder what finally did it. What made the other Supra shoe drop so that they could reunite?

Here’s my theory. Justin’s acoustic album, Believe Acoustic, was released recently. Selena probably bought it on iTunes because she’s a musician and it’s important to keep up with what other artists are doing these days, not even realizing it was Justin’s album.

She was probably listening to it when she was dusting her room, not thinking much about it. Then when she heard “Yellow Raincoat” she dropped the Swiffer and thought to herself, “I always wanted to be with a man who wears a yellow raincoat in inclement weather!”

It was then and only then that she realized that those were Justin’s lyrics. She called him immediately and suggested they go to a concert together and then go home and see what happens when you put a stalk of celery in a jar of blue dye.

Okay there is no way that that's how it went down. Maybe we'll find out and maybe we won't. The important thing to remember here is that Selena and Justin will likely still be together on Valentine's Day, and that warms my heart. If only they made conversation hearts that said “Be Mine Again.”

(Photo: PacificCoastNews.com)