Watch A Mesmerizing Segway Dance To Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?”

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Watch a Mesmerizing Segway Dance to Justin Bieber s  What Do You Mean  tumblr inline mxtq3p1rIe1r72uub gif


I have always been mesmerized by the Segway ever since I first saw a mall security guard riding one — it sort of defies the logic of physics for me, how someone can stay on it without completely face planting. I also heard that pervasive rumor years ago that the inventor of the Segway died by riding one right off a cliff (not true, by the way — Wikipedia tells me he’s alive and well).

Since we all love viral videos, you must check out this one making the rounds of a group of guys doing some seriously impressive Segway choreography to Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” — it’s really fun and pretty amazing.

The Biebs himself even tweeted about it, saying:

It’s definitely worth a watch — it’ll put a smile on your face. As someone who can barely walk in a straight line without tripping over my feet, I’m giving major props to these guys.