Justin Bieber Continues To Turn Against His Fans, Scolds Them For Clapping Offbeat

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Justin Bieber Continues to Turn Against His Fans  Scolds Them for Clapping Offbeat Justin Bieber eye roll gif

Justin Bieber is losing it, you guys. It would seem that all those half-assed attempts to make everyone think he was no longer a little shit have put a lot of stress on him, and he’s starting to take it out on his fans. Last week he stormed off stage after one song during a performance in Norway because the audience was apparently interfering with his attempts to clean up a spill. Before that, he walked out of a Spanish radio interview. Now there’s video of Bieber on a Spanish TV show pausing in the middle of a song to tell the crowd to clap on beat.

Bieber was performing “What Do You Mean?” on the Spanish show El Hormiguero. Things seemed to be going just fine until about halfway through, when the audience began clapping along. At around the 3:00 mark in the video below, Bieber takes a moment to teach his audience how to properly show their love for him by saying, “At least clap on the right notes. Come on, guys. Stop, stop, stop, stop [a few more stops]. It’s like this.” He demonstrates the correct way to clap and then says, “If you’re gonna clap … at least clap on beat.” Then he giggles maniacally and continues the song.

Justin needs to be very careful. Turning against the teenage girls who worship him is probably the worst thing he could do for himself. Without their blind love and willingness to cyberbully anyone who dares suggest he’s anything but a perfect angel with more talent than every classical composer combined, his chances of being famous in spite of all his douchiness will drop significantly. Think about it, Bieber. Do you really want to be left out in the cold with nobody willing to tweet their misspelled defense of your questionable actions? I didn’t think so.

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