Justin Bieber Is Retiring, Which I’d Probably Do Too If I Was A Teenage Millionaire

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Justin Bieber attending the premiere of his documentary Believe December 2013He said he was kidding after he announced it last week, but it sounds like Justin Bieber was actually serious about that whole retirement thing. He'd previously said on the radio station Power 106 in LA that he'd be leaving the music business after his next album, Journals dropped, but then quickly reversed himself and said he was kidding. Probably not the funniest joke to his extremely loyal fan base, the Beliebers, but whatever.

But now he's announcing it yet again, that he's done with this whole lifestyle, and just to make it more official, he's said so on his very own Twitter. (Which is basically the modern equivalent of carving it in stone, am I right?)

Short, to the point — that's the way Justin would say it, am I right? I mean we can't even assume that someone hacked into his Twitter and sent that out, because it sounds like him. And even if it were something that Scooter Braun wanted, I feel like the language would've been a little different.

So he's retiring. Huh. As bummed as I'm sure a lot of you are about this, it actually really makes sense as a business move. Just think about it — the kid is a teenage multimillionaire, and he's been on tour for over a year. He's probably really burned out and ready for a break (as evidenced by his erratic behavior), and just wants to cut loose and the normal teenager he's never really been allowed to be. Within reason, one would hope.

But don't worry, guys, he's still gonna be there for you, especially if you go see his documentary Believeout right now.

Can't really blame the kid, right? If I had an estimated net worth of $130 million at age nineteen, I'd probably have gotten out of the business long ago, maybe bought a Chipotle and spent some time with my family. Y'know — normal stuff like that.

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