Justin Bieber Expects Restaurants To Play Only His Music While He Eats, Because Of Course He Does

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Justin Bieber Expects Restaurants to Play Only His Music While He Eats  Because of Course He Does Justin Bieber Joffrey gif

Billboard magazine published a new interview with Justin Bieber today, and boy is it a doozy. In addition to flubbing Bette Midler’s name as Britt Meddler and wondering how “all those animals fit on Noah’s Ark,” Bieber also further shows himself to be just as self-centered and entitled as we always knew he was. Pre- or post-apology tour, he’s still the closest thing to Joffrey Baratheon we have in real life.

Writer Chris Martins conducted part of the interview at Mastro’s Steakhouse, where Bieber apparently ordered filet mignon and cabernet without looking at the menu. He also told the waiter “I’m not fancy, bro” when he tried to place the napkin in his lap. He’s not fancy, yet he thinks he’s important enough for the restaurant to only play his music while he dines:

The moment the star sits down, the restaurant seamlessly switches over to an all-Bieber soundtrack. He’s used to the universe eagerly morphing to his presence. “It’s a sign of respect,” he says of the restaurant music like a mafia don.

Really? A sign of respect? Well, then I guess whenever I go to Applebee’s the fellow diners had better show some respect for me and pull up my Crushable posts on their phone to read while they eat. Or better yet, maybe I should hand over a cassette tape recording of myself singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” when I was four years old, and they can play it on a loop until I’m ready to leave. Unless Bieber thinks that whole “respect” thing only applies to famous pop stars. Gasp!

This isn’t the first we’ve heard about Bieber hijacking a business’s sound system. Beauty vlogger Jayde Pierce, who spent a week in Los Angeles with Bieber earlier this year, said in her account that he had the gym they were working out in only play his songs. So I really have to wonder if Bieber has ever even heard anyone’s music other than his own.

But apparently Justin doesn’t always love having the universe cater to his every whim. Here’s another quote from Billboard:

Still, he decries the “fake fantasy world” celebrity creates — yes-people convincing him, “like, oh, everything I say is funny. I must be the funniest dude ever. Only to find out, man, my jokes suck.”

He doesn’t say how he learned that his jokes suck, but whoever it was who finally refrained from laughing at him, I want to meet them and thank them from the bottom of my heart.

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