Justin Bieber Is Distant Cousins With Ryan Gosling And Avril Lavigne, Proving That All Famous Canadians Are Related

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Ryan Gosling related to Justin Bieber distant cousins Canadians Avril Lavigne Ryan Reynolds Ancestry.comIs it me, or is it kind of amazing that for the past year the folks at Ancestry.com have been tracking Justin Bieber‘s genealogy all through Canada? I'd love to meet one of those researchers whose life has been taken up with figuring out who Biebs might be distantly related to. Well, their hard work paid off, because they discovered that Justin is related to most of our famous — or at least most well-known — Canadian celebrities!

Turns out he and Ryan Gosling are 11th cousins once removed, both linked to a couple who moved from France to Quebec in the 1630s. I kinda love this visual, because I imagine these two very different sort of dream men shooting the shit over the barbecue at family reunions, comparing their respective internet memes. (I still think Hey Girl is better than any of the responses to Justin vomiting at a concert.) Or I imagine the two of them going out on the town, with Ryan passing along his dating wisdom to his younger relative. You know, something like this:

Ryan Gosling Crazy Stupid Love locker room gif naked

But Bieber's lineage doesn't end there: Avril Lavigne is his 12th cousin, and Celine Dion is his 10th cousin. You have to reevaluate this photo of Justin and Avril from an awards show last year, and wonder if they had any idea of the same magical French-Canadian blood running through their veins.

Ryan Gosling related to Justin Bieber distant cousins Canadians Avril Lavigne Ryan Reynolds Ancestry.comThe best part of this article is that Ancestry.com's researcher Michelle Ercanback made a point to say that they weren't sure if this family tree were “sufficient to point to the existence of a superstar gene.” But now that she's brought up the possibility, you can't stop thinking about that, right? Like, for all we know Ryan Reynolds and Will Arnett are hanging out on this family tree just waiting to be linked to Biebs!

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