Move Over Lindsay Lohan, Because Justin Bieber’s Manager Thinks He Needs Rehab

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justin bieber amas 11.18.2012

Though I'm not sure if there are any celebrity rehabs out there specializing in deflating the heads of egomaniac patients, it's probably not a bad idea.  Especially for Justin Bieber, since his manager allegedly believes the youngster needs a rehab stay of his own.

Manager Scooter Braun is concerned about Bieber's “partying ways,” claims–what else?–a “close source.”

“Justin is hanging out with the wrong people,” the source close to the star told Radar. “It’s been one incident after another with him and Braun has always been very supportive and still is.  But now Scooter wants him to go to rehab to get his act together.  Justin needs to get away from the bad influences in his life.”


Not so long ago we predicted the downfall of The Biebs, brought on by his erratic and at times pretty goddamn obnoxious behavior (I still feel bad for that poor monkey).  Sure, he's young and famous and wealthy beyond our wildest imaginations, so the immature behavior is totally expected.  But after witnessing his recent Billboard Music Awards acceptance speech, I'm with Scooter Braun.  I don't know how serious his “partying ways” are, and a little pot never killed anyone (that I know of), but that egomaniac thing?  Yeah, that could use a little rehabilitation.  He's like a charicature of a real human being, leaving us all to forget the actual talent that made him famous in the first place and making him the saggy Hammer-pants butt of millions of jokes instead.

I seriously doubt Justin Bieber will be taking over the celebrity rehab headlines from Lindsay Lohan anytime soon, but I can't say I'd mind a little Scared Straight action thrown his way.  I maintain a similar philosophy to most cranky grandpas out there: “A little kick in the pants might be just what he needs.”

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