Justin Bieber’s House Was Raided, And They Found Drugs Literally In Plain Sight

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Justin Bieber thinking quietly GIFI don't know if you've been following the saga of this raid on Justin Bieber‘s house, but if you haven't been — OH MY GOD START RIGHT NOW.

You probably don't care as much as we do, but let me tell you that as pop culture bloggers who have been watching Justin's free fall into complete irresponsibility for the past year or so, we editors are a little terrified by how much we want this kid to see some legitimate consequences.

As you may recall, Justin is accused of egging his neighbor's house last Thursday, so a bunch of police cars showed up at his home with a warrant to search for proof that he was responsible. (Like video of the event, for example. Probably not eggs.) But before you write off the egging aspect, you should be aware that in this case, it carries a felony charge — raw egg causes paint to peel off, and Justin's neighbor is claiming $20,000 in damages — and if convicted, Justin could go to prison. Accordingly, the police dismantled Justin's security system and took it with them, in order to go over the surveillance tape and see if there's any relevant footage.

And since the warrant only covers things that are specifically relevant to the egg search, the only way the authorities could get anyone on an unrelated charge is if there was evidence of it in plain sight. Not that likely, since it's so easy to put drugs under or behind something during a raid. BUT YOU FORGET THIS IS JUSTIN BIEBER'S HOUSE! And he's apparently an idiot, because a friend of his, Lil Za, was just arrested for felony drug possession while inside Justin's house. Meaning that they apparently had little piles of molly and Xanax just sitting around in plain view. IN PLAIN VIEW.


I just…I'm so gleeful right now, and it's really not cute. Is that how casual the drug use is in that McMansion, that it's just lying out on the mantel? Does Bieber just sprawl out on his chaise longue mumbling, “No no Lil Za, my dear boy, don't bother putting the molly away, just leave it in the bowl of potpourri where it belongs. I'm gonna use it in a second. It is a TUESDAY MORNING after all.”?


(Image: PerezHilton)