Justin Bieber Releases 12 New Music Videos, Mercifully Only Appears In Two Of Them

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Justin Bieber Releases 12 New Music Videos  Mercifully Only Appears in Two of Them Justin Bieber Purpose video jpg

Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose was released on Friday. Then on Saturday, like Beyonce before him, he posted twelve new music videos for songs on the album. Your initial thought might be, “Oh great, just what we all want — twelve new Justin Bieber videos. I’ll pass.”

I thought the same thing before realizing that only two of the twelve videos even feature Bieber beyond his vocals. As a result, not only are we (mostly) spared the sight of the Bieber pouting for the camera and having women rub themselves against him, but we get so see some pretty cool choreography performed by talented dancers. Good job not showing your face for once, Bieber.

Scroll down to watch all twelve videos.

1. Purpose

Let’s get the Biebery videos out of the way first. This one features him standing in the desert with loin-cloth-clad women fawning over him. What else did you expect?

2. Mark My Words

After a talky beginning you’ll probably want to skip, Bieber appears in the same desert standing on a piano. As you do.

3. I’ll Show You

A bunch of guys pop it and lock it in an empty warehouse. At one point they all remove their shirts but keep their hats on.

4. What Do You Mean?

A group of colorfully dressed young people have a dance party at a school that is apparently not being monitored by any teachers. But it’s fun to watch, so who cares?

5. Love Yourself

Things get a little more emotional as a couple contemporary-dances their way through the day.

6. Company

This one starts as your typical dance/hangout video, but then at some point it turns into what looks like a lesbian orgy. I’m very confused.

7. No Pressure

You’ll think “Wait, is that Bieber?” at least five times throughout this video. But don’t worry, it’s not.

8. No Sense

Just a bunch of Missy Elliotts breaking it down. Nothing to see here.

9. The Feeling

Another Bieber lookalike here, but have no fear — it’s not him.

10. Life Is Worth Living

Serious shades of Sia here.

11. Where Are U Now

A lot of break-dancing in the aisles of a supermarket. Cue me freaking out that the displays will be ruined.

12. Children

If you can get past Bieber singing “What about the children?”, this one features a pretty fierce dance routine. Good job, children.