Justin Bieber Asks Fans To Name His Puppy, They Come Up With Something Very Fitting

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Justin Bieber performing on Believe Tour 2013On Friday we got the ominous news that Justin Bieber had bought a new puppy. It was ominous because Bieber has a tendency to abandon all the living creatures in his care. Even though the little bulldog was reportedly already named Petey, Bieber wasn't satisfied with that, so he set out to find a new name for the poor creature by asking Beliebers to choose the name. Except Justin didn't ask his fans himself; he left it up to his dad Jeremy. That might have been because, after that whole “I'm retiring” business last week, no one can beliebe anything Justin says on Twitter anymore. It's also appropriate considering Justin won't be taking care of the puppy himself either.

The winning name ended up being Karma, and Jeremy shared a photo of the puppy with the caption “Meet Karma Bieber.” Look at that innocent little face. So blissfully unaware of the nightmare to come.

It's very appropriate that this puppy's name is Karma, considering that's what will catch up to Justin Bieber for buying the puppy in the first place. It'll also catch up to him for various other things including but not limited to peeing in a mop bucket. It's people like him who are the reason I think background checks would be a good idea before letting people have animals. Especially in the case of celebrities. Especially especially in the case of celebrities who have a public history of treating pets like disposable toys you can just hand off to someone else when they become too much of a responsibility.

Based on Jeremy Bieber's Twitter account, Karma may have already realized what's in store and has started fighting back.

Ha, that's funny because Karma is known to bite you in the ass. But all kidding aside, do we need to put together a Karma rescue mission? I'm very worried about this dog.

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