Paris Hilton And Justin Bieber Supposedly Hooked Up, And That Makes Perfect Sense

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Paris Hilton attending Cannes Film Festival May 2014If you'd asked me yesterday if there was anyone on Earth who I thought should be dating Justin Bieber, I would've said no. After all, look what happened to Selena Gomez after she got sucked into his web of eggs and lies. But now I'm hearing that he and Paris Hilton were seen leaving a party together, and I'm like, “Oh yeah, I can totally see that.”

The two of them were partying at Busta Rhymes‘ birthday bash in Cannes, because it's apparently 1999 again and Busta is still a real human being in the world. Not sure how that happened, but regardless, even though they're thirteen years apart in age (Paris is thirty-three, which is insane, and Bieber is still only twenty), Celebuzz says they were seen getting super cozy. At one point, Paris even hopped up to sit in Justin's lap while he was sitting on the throne. Oh yeah, did I not mention? There was a throne there, and Justin was sitting in it. Because he can't stop won't stop being the real-life version of King Joffrey from Game Of Thrones. Honestly can't even believe this is real life right now.

And their throne canoodling was apparently fruitful, because about an hour later, they were seen leaving the club — TOGETHER. This is not a drill. And you know what? I'm not even that mad about it. If anything, these two deserve each other, and it would definitely make sense as a pairing, given that River Viiperi, the last guy that Paris was linked to, is only twenty-two. She may in fact still be dating him, but either way, it proves that she's into younger guys. And as far as Bieber goes, he's definitely proven a baffling ability in the past to lure in older ladies, being linked via the rumor mill to Miranda Kerr while she was supposedly still married to Orlando Bloom.

I honestly don't think that I could have dreamed a better match.

(Photo: Lavinia Fontana / FutureImage / WENN.com)