Justin Bieber Gets His First New Tattoos Of The Year, And They’re Just As Ugly As The Old Ones

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Justin Bieber must have made a New Year's resolution to get more ugly tattoos, and he's keeping up with it much better than the rest of the world probably is with their resolutions. I know he's doing better than I am with my resolution to not make fun of Justin Bieber's tattoos anymore. Haha, just kidding. That's not my resolution. I could never in a million years dream of giving that up. So join me on my quest to not stop joking about Bieber's tattoos.

Bieber posted photos of the new ink — his 21st and 22nd — on his Instagram this weekend. First he shared the photo above, which shows a court jester on the inside of his right forearm. If you've been keeping careful track of where Justin Bieber has all his tattoos, you'll remember that this is not the arm with the hideous tattoo sleeve. Perhaps he realized that just one sleeve isn't enough to keep him warm, so he's moved on to decorating his other arm. And what an appropriate image to choose. Let's face it, if Justin Bieber is any card in the deck, he's the joker. Not only does he make a fool of himself daily, but he's also the guy nobody wants around.

But Justin didn't stop there. He apparently wasn't done with his left arm's tattoo sleeve, because he added a new compass. Maybe he thinks it'll help give his aimless, egg-stained life some direction. But just like that creepy tattoo of his mom's eye he got last year won't count as her "keeping an eye on him," this one won't have any kind of magical effect on his behavior.

Eventually someone will inform Justin Bieber that these tattoos are in fact permanent, and if God exists someone will be filming his reaction when that happens. And then we'll all get it tattooed on the insides of our eyelids so we can appreciate it forever.

(Photos: Instagram)