While You Were Eating Leftovers, Justin Bieber Was Getting Another Ill-Advised Tattoo

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Justin Bieber getting a new tattoo Instagram December 2013 In case you were worried that Justin Bieber was gonna use his holiday weekend to relax and spend time with his family, rest assured that he took it upon himself to get an extremely ill-advised new tattoo, instead. WHAT A RELIEF.

Justin is currently in Australia for my favorite leg of his never-ending Believe Tour — the one where his concert ticket sales finally start lagging as people figure out that he's a total waste of time and money. He had a show in Sydney on Saturday, November 30th, and pretty much the moment it finished, he tweeted:

Justin Bieber new tattoo on Instagram December 2013Alright buddy, what's your hurry? Doesn't this kid already have pretty much a full sleeve on his left arm that's made up of complete nonsense? He has his mom's eye, which I have to assume is a half-hearted attempt to pretend that there's at least one adult human in the world keeping an eye on him, but the rest of it is just random doodles like a tiger, a rose, an owl, a castle, a koi, and of course, a not at all regrettable portrait of Selena Gomez. My point being, what else does this giant infant baby think he needs permanently memoralized on his skin?

Justin Bieber new eagle tattoo on Instagram December 2013

Well an eagle, apparently. At least that's what I'm gathering, based on the extremely informative caption ‘eagle' on the above photo, posted to his Instagram a few days ago. I don't get this guy. We've asked this before — but does he know these are permanent? That for the rest of his life, he's gonna have a weird eagle squawking amidst waves of tattooed bruises immortalized on his upper arm? What kind of narrative are we trying to put together? These aren't even objects that appear to have any sort of meaning to him. It's like he walks into a tattoo parlor and just free-associates, and the first noun he says in a string of words, that's what they tattoo on him.

Justin Bieber new tattoo on Instagram December 2013 2

Give it a rest, Biebs. Save some mistakes for your twenties, y'know?

(Photo: Instagram)