Justin Bieber Already Regrets His New Tattoo, Deletes The Evidence From Twitter

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Justin Bieber GIFI think Justin Bieber just set a world record, you guys. And not for swaggiest swag or most shirtless, because he already had those two in the bag. This time it's for fastest wave of regret after a tattoo, and the kid deserves a medal.

Justin has a lot of tattoos he could conceivably regret, but he's never shown any of those signs before. Even though he and Selena Gomez have broken up and gotten together more times than I've eaten Chipotle in my life (which is A LOT), he ill-advisedly got a tattoo of her face on his arm and has never looked back. So I figured he was maybe immune to it…until Banksy.

This new tat was of that Banksy street mural of a young girl letting go of a red balloon and it's very legit. In case you were starting to worry that maybe Justin isn't just about the music, this should reassure you that he is an intelligent and cultured Lover Of Art. Feel free to begin taking him very seriously any minute now. Or…don't, because pretty much as soon as Biebs posted a photo of his new ink on Twitter, he pulled it right down. And since this never happened with his super cool koi fish, tiger, mom's eye, dumb jester, etcetera etcetera…you gotta assume it means something. And I'm assuming that something is regret.

Luckily, it is still on Shots, the app that Justin and his dad Jeremy Bieber promote via social media so frequently that I feel like they must be getting paid for it. (Also please don't ask me why I follow both of them on Instagram. I'd prefer not to talk about it.) On that platform, Justin still gazes dreamily into the camera, and has cleverly provided the caption:

“Don't let your dreams float away.”

Ah yes yes, very wise. Instead of letting them float away, you should instead chase them away. Or piss them away. Throw them away. Push them away. Abandon them. I could do this all day, but I think you get my point.