Justin Bieber Now Has The Honor Of Being Chelsea Handler’s Worst Celebrity Interview

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Justin Bieber Now Has the Honor of Being Chelsea Handler s Worst Celebrity Interview chelsea handler judging you gif


If Justin Bieber‘s flirty antics have ever made you uncomfortable even as you watched them from the comfort of your own computer screen, just know that Chelsea Handler has had to handle them in person. While chatting with Variety about her new Netflix series, the former host of Chelsea Lately revealed that, along with any other awards he may have, the Biebs was her worst celebrity interview. She said of her interviews with the pop star, “He was trying to flirt with me and it was so uncomfortable. Like that’s his schtick, like he would come on and flirt with you and you just felt like a child molester right away and I was like I don’t want to feel that way.” Making Chelsea Handler uncomfortable, that’s quite a feat.

Justin has been on Chelsea Lately multiple times but the one Chelsea probably vividly remembers is the show he was on back in 2009, when he was just 15. If you go back and watch the interview, you definitely get a feeling of where Chelsea’s coming from. Even though it’s only his second time on the show, Justin greets Chelsea with a “Hello, beautiful” then repeatedly talks about taking her out on a date…when he finally gets his driver’s license. Even back then, Chelsea had a sneaking suspicion Justin’s flirty behavior might cause some problems. After praising him for having his “act together” while appearing on her show she implores him to “please just try and keep yourself together because sooner or later you’re gonna be Justin Timberlake.” Then she reminds he that when that happens he can’t “flirt around anymore” because “then you’re gonna have to follow up on your flirting and you’re gonna really have to close some deals.” Chelsea may have tried her best to talk some sense into Justin, but by the looks of it, his love for the older ladies never really faded.