Unsurprisingly, The Justin Bieber Murder Conspiracy Tapes Are Pretty Disturbing

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Justin Bieber performs at The O2Remember this summer when that totally normal story came out about those upstanding citizens who wanted to castrate and murder Justin Bieber? A convicted rapist and murderer named Dana Martin serving two life sentences contracted his jail friend Mark Staake and Mark's nephew Tanner Ruane to strangle Justin with a paisley scarf and harvest his testicles. Once said testes were collected, they could be redeemed for $2,500 or $5,000 each, depending on the story you believe. Before this extremely odd and horrifying act of violence could take place, however, Dana turned his own plot into the authorities, an act of remorse that I guess what we should've expected from a man so obsessed with Justin that he has Beiber's face tattooed on his own leg. The details of the story were so odd that they were almost unbelievable. Part of me felt like it was a big hoax that somehow made it to the mainstream media.

Except now there are tapes. Yup, there are audio files of these guys discussing their plans, and they are both very strange and very disturbing. Since prisoners' incoming and outgoing phone calls are monitored, the men referred to Justin and his bodyguard (who was also a target) as ‘the pitbulls' and make reference to castrating him with a pair of hedge clippers. It was also important to Dana Martin that his calling card, a paisley scarf, be used to suffocate Justin and then left at the scene, saying. He gives instructions over the phone:

“Tie it really really tight, knot it in the front once, really tight, put it in a knot. That cuts off all the oxygen, and then tie it in the back again, really tight. That seals the deal.”

Mmmkay I'm no expert, but aren't these the kind of murder-y buzzwords that one should ideally be on the lookout for when monitoring the conversations of dangerous prisoners? Just checking.

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