Justin Bieber’s Mom Forgets Why She’s Famous, Refuses To Answer Questions About Him

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Pattie Mallette Justin Bieber kiss AMAs November 2012

Justin Bieber's mother Pattie Mallette has become so famous that I am now able to get the correct number of Ts in her name on the first try. She hasn't reached Kris Jenner status in that she doesn't yet have a talk show or plans for world domination, but she does have a book. A book which I would bet all my old copies of Tiger Beat would never have gotten published if Pattie wasn't Justin Bieber's mom. But now Pattie's gone the Selena Gomez route and banned questions about him on her book tour — even though she's been holding signings alongside his concerts in Canada. At least Selena is famous in her own right. The obvious Bieber-ness of Pattie's book tour proves that she's still relying on him for attention. The Ottawa Citizen detailed her recent appearance.

Although Mallette’s handlers warn interviewers to focus on her book and not her son’s recent headlines, her book tour unabashedly rides on her pop star son’s massive popularity. While people lined up waiting for her, an MC with a microphone threw Bieber trivia questions at the crowd. For most people lined up with a book in their hands, it was a stop on the way to the concert.

So it's okay for Pattie's team to ask the public questions about Justin, but that's a one-way street, you guys! Keep the focus on this book that you would never be reading if Justin didn't exist to make his mother famous and attract a crowd for this book signing. While at the signing, Pattie further explained that we should all ignore those pesky news stories about her son peeing in mop buckets and spitting in people's faces and focus on her.

“The way I look at it is regardless of whatever is in the headlines, there are always people who need that hope and inspiration. Regardless. of what my son is up to today or tomorrow it doesn’t change the fact that I am out here to share my story with other people because my story is what is going to give them hope.”

I'm sorry, but you can't have it both ways. You can't ride on your son's coattails and then force people to pretend that the only reason they showed up is because your story inspires them. That very well might be the case — I haven't read her book, which details her abusive childhood, teen motherhood and struggle with depression. But Pattie would never have had the opportunity to inspire people with her story if it hadn't been for Justin.

I'm also getting tired of Pattie's tendency to skirt around the issue of Justin's bad behavior. She's happy to take credit for all of his successes and so-called talent, but when it comes to his downfall, that's all on him, and she's letting him have his independence. That's not how parenting works, especially when you're the parent of a celebrity, which I'd argue requires an even closer eye — and not just a tattooed one.

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