Justin Bieber Is Getting The World’s Most Useless Punishment For That Egging Thing

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Justin Bieber dancing with his head down GIFJustin Bieber just got sentenced to twelve weeks of anger management classes on a misdemeanor vandalism charge, but am I the only person who thinks what he really needs is a course in ego management? (Zing.)

This is all stemming from that incident back in January when Justin took it upon himself to egg his neighbor's house in Calabasas, causing an estimated $20,000 in damage. After months of denials from Justin's team and threats from the prosecuting attorneys to pursue it as a felony, Justin plead no contest yesterday to misdemeanor vandalism charges, landing himself with two years probation, five days of community service, $88,0000 in restitution, and the previously-mentioned twelve-week anger management course.

On the one hand, it's great that Justin is finally getting some actual consequences handed down for his bad behavior of late, but on the other hand, I don't think Justin threw those eggs because he was angry, I think he threw them because he's bored, and immature, and an idiot. Do they do classes to fix that?

I just feel like the main thing that this kid needs is a dose of reality, and for him to be off-the-hook with a downgraded charge and no jail time isn't really a step in that direction. It's a step in the same exact direction he's been headed this whole time, toward Trainwreckville. A place that his handlers still think they can avoid by getting him to focus his career.

“Justin is glad to get this matter resolved and behind him. He will continue to move forward focusing on his career and his music.”

Yeah, I bet. And as long as he wants his career to mirror Lindsay Lohan‘s, he's on the exact right track. Can't wait to see what happens with the pending charges on his drunk driving arrest in Miami! (Prediction: absolutely nothing.)