Say It Isn’t So: Justin Bieber Beats Up A Photographer/Paparazzo

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Please note that Justin is missing one of his shoes in this photo. The mystery of all this deepens!

Apparently Biebs and his lovely other half, Selena Gomez got into an altercation at a mall late yesterday afternoon. Yes, Bieber fans, on Sundays you can find your beloved Justin at a mall just yuckin’ it up and probably buying hair products for that mop of his.

According law enforcement sources who felt it necessary to rat out the situation to TMZ, it seems that a paparazzo was all up in Bieber’s grill. When the photographer tried to take a picture of him, a “physical altercation” happened and the photographer called 911 to report the incident and a “pain to his upper torso,” which he claimed was caused by Bieber. Seriously? The kid is a peanut; the only pain he’s ever going to cause is if he steps on a ladybug. Let’s be honest, Bieber fans, he’s not exactly rocking a whole bunch of muscles that could inflict much pain on a grown man who’s probably twice his size.

By the time the police arrived Biebs and Gomez had fled the scene, and the photographer was taken to the hospital for an examination of this “pain.” Shortly after being released from the hospital, the photographer filed a police report citing Bieber as the man behind the muscle that caused this “pain,” and now the cops are looking into the incident as a “misdemeanor battery.”

However! Yes, there is a big “however” here. According to witnesses who were interviewed after all this physical fisticuffs went down, apparently a lawyer told the photographer that if he filed a report against Bieber, he’d be rolling in the dough thanks to the incident. So basically, a member of the paparazzi, those people who are barely a step above a sewer rat had to be told by a lawyer that there was potential for financial gain out of all this? Um, OK.

Witnesses also seem to nail the photographer as the bad guy in this situation because he was blocking Beiber’s car and Justin was just trying to get him to move out of the way. Too bad. The photographer would really have a case if he’d been run over — or at least I’m sure that’s what he’s thinking this morning.

As for whether or not Bieber will be charged of anything will come of this has yet to be seen. But we’ll be sure to keep you updated, as I imagine you’re on the edge of your seats with this one.

(Photo: TMZ)