Justin Bieber Kicked Out Of An Ancient Mexican Ruin For Dropping His Pants, Typical Thursday

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Justin Bieber Kicked Out of an Ancient Mexican Ruin for Dropping His Pants  Typical Thursday Justin Bieber Instagram 2016 jpg

There should really be a new game show in the style of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? that’s instead called Where in the World is Justin Bieber Being a Disrespectful Dick?

He’s been to Argentina to kick the national flag off stage, he’s been to China to have his bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall, he’s been to the Netherlands to declare that Anne Frank would have been a Belieber, and he’s defaced San Francisco with graffiti promoting his new album. There are a lot more examples, but I only have ten fingers to type with.

Yesterday Bieber decided to take his tour of awfulness to an archaeological site in Mexico — the ancient Mayan fortress of Tulum. According to a report from the Mirror that cites local newspapers, Justin was kicked out because of his rude behavior. That behavior allegedly includes arriving with a beer in his hand, being “under the effects of alcohol,” and pulling down his underwear. He also apparently entered restricted areas, ignoring signs and ropes.

When asked to leave, Bieber reportedly threatened workers, and his bodyguards apparently got into “a 15-minute row” involving “pushing and shoving” with the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) personnel. Police were reportedly called, although they didn’t end up having to intervene. Bieber was escorted out by security.

There’s also a report that Bieber requested for the park to be cleared so he could visit privately, but that was denied. I wouldn’t be surprised if he also asked them to play his music on loud speakers, since that’s what he does when he goes to restaurants and gyms. You know, out of “respect.” Because he shows so much respect to other people, right?

I really don’t even know what to say anymore. Nothing this guy does surprises me. You could tell me tried to steal the crown jewels and then spat on a baby and I’d be like, “Sounds about right. Anyway, what do you want for lunch?”

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