Good Thing Justin Bieber Isn’t Emotionally Exhausted Meeting Famous People’s Kids

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Good Thing Justin Bieber Isn t Emotionally Exhausted Meeting Famous People s Kids Justin Bieber Emma Gretzky March 2016 jpg

Justin Bieber recently canceled upcoming fan meet-and-greets on his Purpose tour, explaining that interacting with people who paid upwards of $2000 for the opportunity to meet him made him “mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression.” The fans who paid for that special experience weren’t even given the option to have their money refunded without losing their ticket to the show.

But apparently it’s not every meet-and-greet that makes Justin soooo tired. It’s just the ones with non-famous people. He’s still totally cool with making the day of celebrities’ kids. Like, for example, Wayne Gretzky’s 13-year-old daughter Emma, who got a surprise birthday meeting with Bieber at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where he was performing over the weekend. He even wore his best butterfly pants for it! (Pretty sure I had that exact pair in 5th grade. You?)

Here’s what TMZ is reporting about what it takes to actually meet with Justin on his tour:

Justin’s team tells us in order to get a golden ticket you’ve got to be tight with JB himself or someone in his inner circle … who can vouch that you’re no security risk.

That “security risk” bit refers to another reason the meet-and-greets were reportedly canceled, besides Justin’s emotional torture over meeting the fans who unconditionally support him. There was apparently an incident in which a fan on the security’s “watch list” got within 10 feet of him. But I guess if you’re related to a celebrity, you pose no risk.

Some fans unsurprisingly don’t seem very happy about this new development, with TMZ reporting comments like “It’s funny that rich people still get meet and greets!” and “Good for Bieber to meet a Gretzky after saying he couldn’t meet fans anymore.” But hey, maybe if Bieber’s normal fans do some digging, they can discover they’re distantly related to some mildly well-known individual and have a chance to actually get what they paid for.

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