Justin Bieber Gets Massaged By Three People At Once, What A Multitasker

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Justin Bieber Gets Massaged by Three People at Once  What a Multitasker Justin Bieber massage March 2016 jpg

(Photo: Instagram)

King Joffrey Justin Bieber received quite the pampering recently. As you can see in the above photo, said pampering involved getting massaged by three different people — one on his head, one on his hands, and one on his feet. All while undergoing cupping therapy on his torso. (No, he didn’t grow a bunch of big nipples overnight, like I initially thought when I looked at the photo.)

The photo was taken by Justin’s friend John Shahidi, who also happens to be the guy who snapped the pic of Bieber’s bare ass during a camping trip over the weekend. John shared the massage photo on Instagram and added the caption, “Very nice.” Uh, yeah, I’ll say. This is the kind of picture people imagine when they’re tasked with thinking about what it would be like to be rich and famous. I didn’t think it was actually a real event in rich and famous people’s lives.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bieber thought of this as multitasking. Kind of like that photo Gisele shared of herself breastfeeding while several people did her hair, makeup and nails. And hey, if those turn out not to be cups on his chest and my first suspicion is true, it could be a lot more similar to Gisele’s photo than we thought.

Actually, that theory goes out the window when you see the photo Justin posted after the cupping session, which he captioned, “My body looks like eyes nose and mouth.”

Justin Bieber Gets Massaged by Three People at Once  What a Multitasker Justin Bieber March 2016 jpg

(Photo: Instagram)

Meanwhile, pampering for us normals involves scratching our own backs with a Swiffer duster and warming our hands on microwave dinner containers. Or is that just me?

Maybe Justin can take the multitasking to a whole new level and combine this with his fan meet-and-greets. Just have the fans be his personal masseuses for an hour. Actually, that’s probably a very bad idea. Noooope. Forget I ever said that.