Justin Bieber Is Being Sued By Another Paparazzo, Must Be Trying To Set Some Record For Legal Issues

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Justin Bieber confused what is happening

A couple of months ago the world collectively gaped at the footage of Justin Bieber's deposition for a paparazzi lawsuit over an alleged attack by his bodyguard. And now Bieber has yet another photographer suing him and his bodyguard. It's starting to look like he's hoarding them. Come on, Bieber, leave some paparazzi suits for the rest of us, why don't you?

According to TMZ, Manuel Munoz, the photographer who's suing, claims Bieber's bodyguard Dwayne Patterson locked him in a Subway restaurant and injured him in Miami the night Bieber was arrested for DUI. According to Munoz, he was taking photos of Bieber as he left a nightclub right before the police busted him. Here's what allegedly happened:

“Munoz says Justin's bodyguard was upset about the photos and chased him into a nearby Subway.  Munoz says the bodyguard locked the restaurant door and cornered him in the bathroom, demanding that he delete the photos.

Munoz says the bodyguard tried to forcibly remove the memory card and then kicked and punched him.  He says the camera was damaged.”

I just… don't even know. I guess I've heard weirder things. TMZ has a recording of the 911 call, as well as the police report, which contains an inconsistency in that Munoz didn't say he was punched or kicked, just tripped so that he got a “small scratch in his left knee.” It also says the photographer and bodyguard allegedly “haggled” over a price for the photos, settling at $5,000.

Bieber's lawyer had this to say to TMZ:

“This new lawsuit filed by a paparazzo is yet another shakedown for money. The paparazzo admits that Justin was not present at the alleged ‘assault.' The paparazzo told the police he had only scratched his knee when he was allegedly tripped, but now claims he was beat up. There are no damages.”

Whether the suit is warranted or not, Bieber has to be setting some kind of 2014 record for number of legal issues faced, at least among celebrities. Let's not forget he was also accused earlier this week of attempted robbery. And I'm just waiting with bated breath to learn what problems arise from his upcoming visit to a high school prom. You know how this could all probably be avoided? By staying in. Try it, Biebs. It's a lot of fun.

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