Late Night’s Twitter Experiment With Justin Bieber Will Enlighten And Entertain You

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Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Justin Bieber frog lawn mower

Justin Bieber took a break from driving his leopard-print car and testing how much sagginess his pants can handle to participate in a hilarious Late Night With Jimmy Fallon experiment. You are probably already aware that Jimmy Fallon and his show are brilliant, and they're always coming up with creative and absurdly funny games to play. Jimmy was promoted to The Tonight Show for a reason. The latest fun came in the form of a Justin Bieber retweet experiment. When Jimmy found out that Bieber had reached 40 million Twitter followers (unless you believe the conspiracy theories), he challenged one of his writers, Arthur Meyer, to tweet the exact same thing as Bieber once a day to compare the number of retweets. Initially Bieber got thousands of retweets for the most mundane thoughts, whereas Arthur's retweets were in the single digits. People quickly caught on and Arthur received a bigger Twitter following. The experiment took a fun turn when Bieber himself found out about the project and decided to participate by retweeting Arthur. He also appeared to love the idea.

So Late Night and Bieber decided to tweet the same thing and compare the retweets. The tweet in question was “Frog lawn mower,” naturally.

But Bieber went a step further and tweeted various pictures of frogs mowing lawns, confusing some of his fans and making the experiment that much more entertaining. As you can see, the nonsensical nature of the tweet didn't stop Beliebers from supporting his newfound frog lawn mower interests. And guess what else! “Frog lawn mower” was trending worldwide! And a lot of the people who tweeted it probably had no idea why they were even doing it.

But the piece de resistance came when the show presented Arthur with a very special gift from Bieber himself. You can watch it all play out in this clip from the show last night.

What can we learn from this experiment? First of all, it's clear that Beliebers will literally retweet anything Justin Bieber says, simply for the fact that he's Justin Bieber. And also, despite all his douchiness, Bieber — or at least someone on his team — is capable of being a good sport and having a sense of humor. And I attribute it to how awesome Jimmy Fallon and his show are.

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