Justin Bieber Is MIA To His Own Concert, Because Showing Up On Time Is Totes Lame

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Justin Bieber in backwards hat and white wife beater singing on stage, Las Vegas, June 28, 2013

Here we go again. After his tardiness in London during his Believe tour, Justin Bieber pulls another fast one on us and shows up fashionably late to his concert in Des Moines, Iowa. When I say “fashionably,” I don't mean the twenty minutes my girlfriends and I wait outside a party so we look cool walking in when everyone's already there. Justin arrived THREE hours after the show was scheduled to start, understandably enraging Beliebers and their mommies and daddies. Not to mention, Justin tweeted earlier he'd be hitting up a mall in Omaha. But oohhh, big surprise. Justin was nowhere to be seen while his fans flooded the stores and the food court, waiting eagerly for their king who obvs had better things to do…

Give Justin a break. Maybe he had every intention of going to the mall. He just got got distracted. Maybe needed a new XXL wife-beater because his pet monkey smeared banana stains on his old one. Or perhaps he was stopping by the pet store to buy another gerbil he could gift to the first screaming fan he came across. “Oh, hey, do you like hamsters? That's funny because I have one in my pocket. Take it and remember to always believeee… ” But I'm beginning to wonder… If Beliebers are loyal to him even when thinking Justin punched his own grandmother in the face (seriously?), would the Biebs arriving, ya know, a couple hours late to a few concerts do anything to crack his fan base? Probably not. I've committed Belieber treason by even asking such a question! They'll be coming for me with pitchforks and torches any minute now!

But you know who the Biebs really pissed off?  Those poor parents who drove to the mall in Omaha so their children could see Bieber in person. Or what about the moms and dads who waited three hours for a concert where Bieber would most likely just collapse on stage or get manhandled by an over-excited fan. As thrilling as that might be, those parents (unlike their children) have lives outside the land of Bieber where monkeys roam free and anything is possible. Next time, Justin, try to be on time to your own concert. Or if something serious comes up  — like you need to cry over Selena Gomez's new single — at least be an hour late tops.

(Photo: Judy Eddy/WENN.com)