Scooter Braun Upped His Creepy Factor By Telling Ariana Grande To Post That Bieber Photo

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Justin Bieber kissing Ariana Grande 2013

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Ariana Grande posted a Twitpic of Justin Bieber kissing her on the cheek and the world came dangerously close to imploding from the prospect that these two pop youngsters might be an item? We now know the story behind it, thanks to one brave fan who had the courage to ask Ariana what we've all been staying up nights wondering for 13 days. In an All Access Q&A for MTV, a fan asked Ariana what the deal with that photo was, and Ariana launched into an explanation that I will treasure in my heart forever. It's that good.

Ariana says she went to a meet and greet with her grandparents because her "nonna has a massive crush on Justin Bieber." I'd like to write a 1,000-word essay about that little tidbit, but we don't have time for that, so let's put a pin in it. Apparently Bieber and Ariana's fans got the hashtag #JustinandArianaSelfie trending, so they figured they should take a picture together and humor the little people. Little did poor Ariana know that Bieber would attack her cheek with his lips the moment she snapped the picture. Ariana didn't want to post the picture after that, because she didn't want the drama that would so obviously come out of it. That drama mostly entailing countless teenage girls making voodoo dolls of her in their darkened bedrooms, Bieber posters staring down at them shirtlessly from the walls.

This is where Scooter Braun comes in. You know Scooter Braun. He's Justin Bieber's manager/babysitter/defender/enabler/creeper-friend. Here's how it went down, according to Ariana.

"Then Scooter [Braun] came after me and was like, 'Justin says you have to post that picture.' I was like, 'I will not.' And he was like, 'He says you have to post that picture.' And I said, 'I can't,' and he asked why not and I was like 'because I don't want the drama that's going to come with it.'"

Just tell me this scene isn't straight out of some teenybopper version of The Godfather. Not only that, but Scooter is really upping his creepy factor with this. Pressuring a 20-year-old girl to post a picture she's not comfortable posting because King Bieber wants to cause drama? For shame, Scooter Braun, for shame.

(Photo: Twitter)