Leave It To Justin Bieber To Hog The Attention At Kimye’s Wedding Without Even Being There

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Justin Bieber attending a party at Cannes May 2014

Leave it to Justin Bieber to cause drama at someone else's wedding without even physically being there. And not just anybody's wedding. Kimye's wedding. As in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Also known as the most important wedding of our generation, or any generation, really. Including future generations. And generations in alternate universes and on different planets in different solar systems. And fictional weddings, too. It's more important than all of those. I know what you're thinking. Is Justin Bieber somehow connected to everything that ever happens in the world? The answer is yes, yes he is.

Here's how it all went down. Bieber recently told an Italian journalist, “In a few weeks I will be in Italy.” Big mistake. Huge. A famous pop star can't just drop a hint like that and expect people not to speculate and/or camp out at a celebrity wedding venue. That's right. Because there couldn't be any other reason for Bieber to be in Italy in this general window of time other than to go to the wedding of a reality star and a rapper, Beliebers took the comment to mean he'd be in attendance for this blessed event. There were also rumors maybe he'd be Kylie Jenner's date. So obviously about 250 teenage Beliebers showed up on Saturday outside the Forte Di Belvedere in Florence, where the wedding took place. Two ambulances were apparently standing by in case things got out of hand.

But the best part? Bieber even doesn't appear to have attended the wedding (no biggie, neither did Rob Kardashian). He has, however, been hanging around Europe these days. He was at Cannes befriending Jennifer Lawrence (blegh), and he was later spotted in Monaco. But so far it doesn't look like he's visited any brothels or vandalized anything with illegal graffiti, so he's really slacking.

(Photo: WENN.com)