Video: Justin Bieber Gets Bombarded With Electronics After Foolishly Shooting A ‘Selfie’ With One Fan’s Phone

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Anyone who follows Justin Bieber on Instagram knows that Justin Bieber loves to take pictures of himself, or “selfies” as they are more annoyingly called. This is all well and good in the privacy of one's home, but when the Biebs decided to take a selfie on stage at Madison Square Garden last night, things got a little out of hand.

Hysterical tweens are known for throwing all kind of things on stage at concerts (underwear, stuffed animals, their dignity), but when one fan upped the ante by tossing her smart phone up there, the Biebs was unable to resist taking a few tantalizingly posed “selfies” before handing the phone back. (I hope for your sake, young lady, that your parents don't find out about this.) Unfortunately, this started a torrent of copycat phone throwings because of course it did, forcing Biebs was to lay down the law:

“You're not just gonna keep throwing cell phones up here and expecting everyone to just get pictures of me, no, that's not how it works. I'll never do that again, so I'm sorry. We're gonna have a bunch of iPhones and I'm gonna take 'em home and just be AT&T, myself.”

But they found the idea of a Justin Bieber-branded phone company so exciting that they did not listen! So he got even tougher:

“I'm literally just gonna break your phones. You guys want broken phones by Justin Bieber, I'll do the honors.”

But that didn't work either, because of course they wanted phones broken by Justin Bieber! This would show his budding, manly anger! Eeeee! And so on!

Note to Justin Bieber: don't let your pretty face write a check that your ass can't cash. Note to parents: don't let your children bring their smart phones to a Justin Bieber concert.

(Via ONTD)