Justin Bieber Stopped In At A Memorial For Japanese War Criminals To Pay His Respects

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Justin Bieber standing in front of Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo April 2014Guys, we don't always give Justin Bieber enough credit, and we're willing to admit that. Sometimes we get so caught up with talking about the offensive things he does on purpose that we forget to discuss the offensive things he does on accident! And that's not fair. But we're constantly working on ourselves, y'know? So let's make this right and talk about the really dumb thing he accidentally did last night.

For whatever reason, this little shithead is currently roaming Asia, and he elected to continue his world tour of international offense by stopping off at a lovely shrine of some sort in Tokyo, Japan that he glimpsed from the road. It's called the Yasukuni Shrine, and he posed for a photo in front of it, which he dutifully posted to Instagram with the caption ‘Thank you for your blessings.'

Except the funny thing about the Yasukuni Shrine? It's a controversial memorial that was erected to honor the lives of all Japanese warriors who died in service of their country, including over 1,000 convicted war criminals. Fourteen Class A war criminals, in fact, who were responsible for unbelievable atrocities during World War II and the Nanking Massacre, just to name a few buzz words. I guess it's less funny than extremely controversial and offensive, most specifically to the Chinese, who lost hundreds of thousands of their citizens to torture, medical experiments, and full-on massacres.

That's just a tiny sampling of the information that was available to Justin on the topic, but instead of bothering to read up on the country he was visiting, he decided to just wander into a situation in a foreign land that he knew nothing about, and blunder around creating general outcry for a while before going home. He later deleted the photo, but still — mission accomplished! Because people are understandably very upset about this.

But don't worry! Justin has made a very eloquent, in-depth apology to the people of China by…Instagramming a photo of a TIME headline calling him out and putting a half-assed explanation in the caption.

“While in Japan I asked my driver to pull over for which I saw a beautiful shrine. I was mislead to think the Shrines were only a place of prayer. To anyone I have offended I am extremely sorry. I love you China and I love you Japan”

If they were gonna bury bad people there, they shouldn't have made it so beautiful! It just looks like super holy, so it's totally not my fault, bro — oh look! A blood diamond! I'ma get me some of that.