This Photo Of Justin Bieber As James Dean Is Ironic For Reasons He Probably Doesn’t Understand

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Another day, another selfie from Kim Kardashian's ass Justin Bieber.  Yesterday, the Biebs took to Instagram to share a really deep, personal photo of himself inspired by the one and only James Dean.

Not exactly original, but I had that “Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today” poster of James Dean in my dorm room freshman year of college, so I'll keep my judgments in that respect all to myself.  Oh, and in case the “inspired by James Dean” caption wasn't clear enough for you, Biebs shared this photo so you really get the inspiration behind his artsy selfie.

Anyway, what struck me as interesting about this photo comparison is not just that Bieber clearly believes he and James Dean are comparable in looks and status.  Which is fine, I guess, because it's not the biggest stretch of truth he's ever put forth.  No, what struck me as interesting is that James Dean was–and still is, for college freshman everywhere probably–arguably the most well-known icon for teenage disillusionment.  I know it's kind of early on a Sunday to put on your thinking caps (bear with me, I've only had one K-cup so far), but hear me out. James Dean was aware that he represented the “moral decay” of youth at that time (which was understood to be smoking cigarettes and breaking curfew, a far cry from pissing in buckets). I have my suspicions that Justin Bieber doesn't even understand what a metaphor is, let alone that his real life serves as a pretty solid representation of disillusionment for anyone over the age of 16… whereas James Dean was an actor portraying a role.  And unlike Dean, Bieber has proven he most likely doesn't possess one ounce of self-awareness.

Because I think I've probably put too much thought into this comparison already, I'm not going to delve into the Dean/Bieber penchant for fast driving and end this post with an ominous warning.  I will say that while it's cool that Bieber probably just wants to look like James Dean and get young girls all riled up about white t-shirts, pompadours, and cigarettes and nothing more substantial than that, someone needs to sit him down and explain to him why his James Dean impersonation makes anyone with half a brain feel like this: tumblr_m8a7yv1AFW1rx6ay1o1_250