Justin Bieber Uses Instagram to Snapchat Us All A Picture of His Naked Butt

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Q102’s Jingle Ball 2012 at Wells Fargo Centre in Philadelphia

Justin Bieber Snapchatted the world this weekend, using Instagram to distribute a picture of his bare behind with the hashtag #Moon before deleting it.

Of course, many a tech-savvy fan captured the image via a screen shot, so rest assured the top three inches of Justin’s butt crack will be available for your ogling for a long time coming.

The question is… why? I mean, no offense, Biebs, but the top third of your pale butt isn't exactly attractive. And this appears to have happened at an official event, based on the photo op backdrop behind him? I'm confused.

The Biebs has a new album, Believe Acoustic, coming out by the end of the month. Perhaps this is his way of keeping the buzz alive in the week before the album drops? Is there a saying in the industry I’m not aware of: “Drop an album, Drop a trou?” Yeah… probably not.

One thing is for sure. Justin is more enamored than ever with showing his hot bod to the world. First it was pictures of him in front of a mirror just showing off his abs. Then it was pictures of his naked torso while he was getting his mother's birthday tattooed on his chest. Now it’s just a plain old straight up butt shot? Who does he think he is, Rihanna?

This latest news in the Justin Bieber Body Watch tells me only one thing: The Justin Bieber sex tape is not far behind.

Let’s not be naïve. It’s the next logical step in technology. And me thinks he'll skip the artistic silent film step and go straight to technicolor, sound, and all the technology fixin's.

My guess? It will take place in a gym-tattoo parlor hybrid. The soundtrack will be “Boyfriend.” And his hair won't move at all.

I hate that I'm thinking about this, Bieby! You did this to me! I don't forgive you! Put some clothes on!

(Photo: WENN.com)