Justin Bieber Trolls Instagram By Posting A Throwback Jelena Picture

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Justin Bieber Trolls Instagram by Posting a Throwback Jelena Picture Selena Gomez shushing Justin Bieber black and white GIF gif


Justin Bieber’s new favorite thing, in addition to appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, is trolling the public about his relationship with Selena Gomez. It’s not enough that they’ve been spotted together. Justin has also commented on Selena’s red carpet looks, suggested that there’s a chance they’ll get back together at some point, and included subliminal Jelena messages in his music videos. Not to mention that duet that got leaked, which may or may not have been Justin’s doing — we may never know.

Now Justin has taken his trolling a step further by posting a throwback photo of him and Selena riding an ATV in Canada last year. You know, from that trip where Justin was arrested for assault after he crashed said ATV into a paparazzo’s van. Ah, so romantic.

Justin Bieber Trolls Instagram by Posting a Throwback Jelena Picture Jelena Instagram jpg


As you can see, Justin captioned the photo “Just a throwback calm down.” First of all, Justin posted this photo on a Tuesday. It’s Throwback Thursday, not Throwback Tuesday, Justin. FOLLOW THE RULES OF INSTAGRAM. Second of all, the fact that he captioned this with “calm down” tells us that he expected everyone who saw this photo to not be calm. Hence my use of the word “troll.”

Why else would Justin post a grainy old photo of him and his ex-girlfriend if not to cause everyone to A.) freak out, despite his disclaimer, and B.) speculate about the two of them getting back together? Because obviously every Instagram post ~*means something*~ big. I see you, Bieber. Your threats don’t scare me.

On a related note, what is with Bieber’s demanding nature with his fans lately? First he stormed out of a concert because they supposedly wouldn’t listen to him, then he scolded them for clapping off beat during a TV performance, and now he’s prefacing Instagram photos with captions like “Just a throwback calm down”? Dude, those fans are the only ones willing to defend your douchiness. Be nicer to them.