Step Aside, James Corden. Justin Bieber Is Hosting The The Late Late Show Now

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It seems like everywhere you look nowadays Justin Bieber is there ready to show off another Selena Gomez throwback picture or remind you how damn catchy “Sorry” is. Even late night T.V. isn’t safe from the Biebs. For those tuning into The Late Late Show with James Corden last night to sit back enjoy the British comedian’s antics and maybe some carpool karaoke with no Bieber in sight got quite a surprise.

When the music started up and the curtained opened, it was not James Corden but Justin Bieber who came out to host the show. Looking like the kid who borrowed his dad’s suit and made his older sister film him pretending to do a talk show, Justin launched into his hosting duties. He got things started with some topical jokes on Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (“Yesterday the CEO of Yahoo! gave birth to identical twins, and even they already have Gmail.”)

Just as Justin hits his groove, James storms out from backstage in a robe and towel wondering what the Canadian pop star is doing. “I’m just getting in the bath. I’ve lit a scented candle and I hear the music playing. Clearly I’m not ready,” James yells at his band.  When he asks band leader, Reggie Watts, why he started playing the intro music, Reggie innocently says that he told told him to play the music so they did. James sees the confusion and explains to the band, “That’s not me. That’s Justin Bieber.” Reggie defends himself with “James, you look exactly alike. How am I supposed to tell the difference?” Ah, yes, the classic James Corden/Justin Bieber mix-up. Happens all the time.

Justin explains to James that he is simply fulfilling his dream of hosting a late night show to which James replies, “Well then go and get your own show.” James tries to kick him off the stage while the Belieber packed audience yells for him to stay. Justin then gets to role the titles and have another dream he’s probably had for all of 2 hours come true.