Justin Bieber And Harry Styles Are Rebounding With Each Other By Going On Vacation Together

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justinbieberharrystylesIn what sounds like something out of a teenybopper fan fic, Justin Bieber and Harry Styles are reportedly drowning their post-breakup sorrows in one another's arms as they plan an epic bro-cation, no girls allowed.

According to The Sun,¬†“The lads talked about a boys' trip when they were going out with the girls, but it was never on the cards. But now that they are “footloose and fancy-free, they want to make it happen. They might not be old enough to legally drink but that won't stop them.”

First of all, “footloose and fancy free” is probably the worst way possible to describe two single men at least one of which has been the subject of gay rumors. And yet, it makes me think they're going to get a lot of dancing done on this vacation, so it works.¬†According to “sources,” they are talking about either Las Vegas, NV or somewhere in Mexico for the festivities, and they're going to go during that most holy time of year, spring breeeeeak. Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that bromantic fantasy vacation. Activities will no doubt include eating pints of ice cream, watching John Hughes movies, and burning pictures of their exes. (Between all the hookers and blow, I mean.)

Meanwhile, somewhere in her blame cave, Taylor Swift will already have written five mean songs about each of them (the Bieber ones will be for Selena Gomez to sing) and grinned like the unstoppable monster she is. Taylor wins.

(Via Digital Spy)

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