Justin Bieber Graffitis ‘Free Breezy’ On A Building In Colombia, And No This Title Wasn’t Created With Mad Libs

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Justin Bieber Graffitis  Free Breezy  On A Building In Colombia  And No This Title Wasn t Created With Mad Libs Justin Bieber Puerto Rico Concert October 2013 jpg

Last night Justin Bieber spent his time graffitting up Bogota, Colombia with some real powerful messages. And by powerful, I mean whhaatt is going on that head of his?

TMZ obviously has the full 4-sentence report, with 2 of those sentences excerpted right here on Crushable:

Biebs got all Banksy in Bogota where street art is permitted… spray painting "Free Breezy" on the side of a wall. J.B. also tagged a pro-pot message on the wall … and paid tribute to his dead hamster Pac.

Let's ignore the fact that he's paying tribute to a dead hamster that he cared so little about that he handed it to a random fan after a show one day and move right onto his message about Chris Brown. What, specifically, are we freeing Chris Brown from? Rehab? Because he put himself there to avoid jail. Based on Lindsay Lohan's "come and go as you please" attitude toward her court-ordered rehab, I don't think there are any keys or locks involved at all. Perhaps he accidentally locked himself somewhere inside rehab and he used the last bits of the battery on his phone to text Justin for help? Sometimes I get stuck in old restaurant bathrooms because the door gets jammed and I text for help. Or maybe, and this is a big maybe, Satan took over Chris Brown's body several years ago and locked up his soul inside a ring that's currently hidden in a secret cave. And Satan/Chris accidentally told the Biebs about it one night when they were out peeing in buckets and now Justin feels morally obligated to free Chris Brown. But that scenario implies the Biebs has morals…and well…you know.

So yeah, Bieber's message remains a mystery. As does Bieber himself. Remember that time when he was a real live human being who did real live human being things? Because I kinda don't. In the past year he's transformed from a bratty pop star to a shirtless monster. His behavior's gotten so bad that I'm waiting for headlines about him successfully being housebroken and/or reminded that he can't walk on all fours when he's in public. Then again, a 19-year-old spray painting messages of support for an abusive celebrity in a foreign country's pretty close to that.

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