Justin Bieber’s Rumored Girlfriend Knows Like Everything About Him, But Also Nothing

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Chantel Jeffries Justin Bieber in car Miami January 2014

Remember last month when Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI in Miami? I don't blame you if you never heard about it, it was super duper under the radar. Anyway, aside from the fact that he was arrested, the other major story to come out of that situation was that the passenger in that car was a 21-year-old model named Chantel Jeffries. Then she showed up with him on the beach in Panama. Who is she? His girlfriend? His friend friend? Someone he just hired to keep the passenger seat warm for whoever sits there next?

Chantel has kept her silence for a while now, but it seems she finally reached her breaking point and just had to get some publicity out of this situation, so she sat down to sleep-talk her way through an interview with Terrence Jenkins for E! News. And boy oh boy is it something else, mostly because, in true rumored girlfriend fashion, she wants it both ways. To sum that up: “Yes, I would love to give you an interview all about Justin Bieber, but ugh how dare you ask me about Justin Bieber! The media's so stupid, but also can I have a little slice of that media attention you're serving up?”

Terrence opens by saying people think she's a gold digger, to which she replies that she's more of a “goal digger.” Oh brother, here we go. She goes on to deny that she's Justin Bieber's girlfriend, because how could you even ask that? But she also has the authority to vehemently deny rumors that he A.) is on drugs, and B.) doesn't have anyone to tell him no. But, you know, she's “not around all the time.” Also “it's not really my place to say anything.” It's so weird when you find yourself on a TV set being interviewed about a famous person, and they keep asking you about that famous person, right?

In the second part of the interview, Chantel says Justin was “happy to be out” after jail, but also that she's “not in his mind” and doesn't “know exactly what he was thinking about.” Then she goes for the gold in playing coy. When Terrence asks her if she's ever kissed Bieber, she replies, “We're friends. Do you kiss your friends, Terrence?” Ah, answering a question with another question. Classic. What do you expect? She's “a strong, independent woman” (her words).

(Photo: Manuel Munoz, PacificCoastNews)