Justin Bieber’s Fans Freaked Out Because They Thought His New Photo Shoot Intentionally Made Him Look ‘Gay’

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Another day, another outlandish rumor started by passionate fans. The last few weeks we've seen Selena Gomez‘s fanbase rise up to protect her family during a tragic time, but the latest story is of Justin Bieber‘s followers defending the pop star's honor in what turned out to be an imaginary battle.

Justin's big interview with V magazine came out recently, and many of his “Beliebers” took exception to the fact that he looked… well, kinda effeminate in the photos. Combine his slim frame with the shredded clothing and crowns/Roman gladiatorial costumes they put him in — not to mention him leaning on a giant, colorful V — and it's not too surprising that his fans complained about him looking like a hot lesbian.

But the complaints themselves were strangely vitriolic, mostly because his so-called fans were calling their idol “a Greek princess” and “a cross between Lady Gaga and a gay man.”

During all this, one group of fans decided that the whole thing was a conspiracy to make Justin look bad! Like, that there were evil overlords twirling their mustaches in an editing studio saying, “Hrmm, yes! We'll Photoshop his skin to silky smoothness and enhance his pout so that everyone will think he's gay!” (Side note: Being gay is not bad. Sad that I have to emphasize this.)

Not surprisingly, Justin didn't respond to this fracas; his agent Scooter Braun stepped in instead. Scooter admonished one fan privately — though of course it's now public — saying, he sees it. aint happy. Then he told the Twitterverse,

never let someone else's drama and negativity break u. that is their issue not yours. You choose your own legacy. You know who you are.

so if someone is making u question yourself, your beauty, your self belief. think r they being honest or is that just their own BULLSHIT

I don't think that the Beliebers were necessarily trying to make Justin feel badly about his (let's face it) more effeminate looks. I think it's more that they reacted so strongly to the whiff of a reputation-damaging rumor, because that's still what being gay is in so many people's minds: Unnatural, uncomfortable, and a death sentence for a straight person to be mistaken as such.

So, they acted out of concern but ended up just making themselves look prejudiced and panicky.

Bonus: Check out what Justin actually said in the interview—like when he made it sound like he thinks he's Jesus Christ reincarnated.