If You Beliebe The Rumors, This Is A Photo Of Justin Bieber Kissing A Guy

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Justin Bieber kissing a guy fake photo Rob Miller

I'm still having trouble accepting that the entire existence of the universe is not one giant Jimmy Kimmel prank, so photos like this one that was rumored to depict Justin Bieber kissing another member of the male sex really mess with my head. It turns out you really can make a photo of two non-famous people kissing look like two celebrities — as we learned last month during the whole “IS THIS A PHOTO OF HENDALL KISSING OH MY GOD IT'S TRUE LOVE” debacle.

The photo depicts two men kissing, and one of them looks an awful lot like the Biebs, what with the hat that doesn't really look like it fits and the earring and such. But if that's a photo of Justin Bieber kissing a guy, then that would mean… GAY?! In the words of Seinfeld, not that there's anything wrong with that, but GAY?! Was Jelena a lie? Is there any hope for all the lovestruck Beliebers that he'll turn out to be bi and fall in love with them still? Are writers of Justin Bieber slash fiction overjoyed that they finally have cover photography for their books?

Well, you can all put away your over-the-top expressions of emotion, because it turns out this isn't a photo of Justin Bieber after all. According to Hollywood Life, who are just as dedicated to finding out the truth about celebrities as Gossip Cop, the man on the right is actually a man named Rob Miller who happens to look just like Bieber, at least when he wears those accessories, turns to the side and kisses a man. Rob tweeted the photo of him kissing his boyfriend last August with the caption “my boy.” But some people saw the resemblance and ran with it, claiming it was a photo of Justin to start gay rumors.

Interesting that just a few weeks ago fans were crying Photoshop over a photo of Justin allegedly sucking on a stripper's nipple which it was missing his behind-the-ear treble clef tattoo because OH MY GOD HOW COULD ANYONE FORGET ABOUT THE TREBLE CLEF. But this time no photo manipulation was required. It's just a guy who looks exactly like Justin Bieber… unless you still choose to beliebe otherwise. It's a free country.

(Photo: Twitter)