Justin Bieber Fractures Foot During Performance At Taylor Swift Concert

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Monday, while performing as the supporting act for Taylor Swift’s concert in London, England, 15-year-old singer, Justin Bieber fractured his foot while running out on stage!

The poor kid writes on his Twitter page, "In the last song ONE TIME I tripped over something on stage coming down the ramp and felt my ankle roll in a very bad way."

He then wrote, "Turn out I fractured my foot and had to finish the song on a broken foot. After I was done I was in such pain I skipped the encore and got off stage and back to see the medics."

He then says,"@taylorswift13 came backstage to see me b4 I went to the hospital because she is awesome!" Sheesh! Poor Justin! It’s great to see that he’s able to stay professional, despite the situation. You can see his discomfort a bit on his face and in his voice, but he did a way better job then I could ever!