Justin Bieber Refuses To Share The Stage With An Argentinian Flag, Like A True Toddler

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Alright you guys. Enough is enough. When is somebody gonna step in and take control of Justin Bieber before he completely implodes his own career? Because the way things are going now, I don't think he has another year in him.

As I'm sure you know, Justin is in South America at the moment, experimenting with how many questionable choices he can make before his Believe Tour returns to the United States next week. And he's made quite a few! Vandalism, allegedly sleeping with a prostitute, leaving a concert midway through, getting kicked out of his hotel, blowing thousands of dollars on strippers…and those are just the ones we know about.

But as worrying as those behaviors are, at least I can understand why a dumb, rich nineteen-year old would be drawn to them. ‘Wild kidz wylin' out, no parents woo', to put it succinctly. But even I have no idea why Justin would choose to disrespect an entire country of people by refusing to share the stage with their flag.

At his show in Argentina — which coincidentally was the same one he'd later walk out of, claiming food poisoning — Justin had apparently had enough of the Argentinian flag draped over the front of the stage, so he started trying to get rid of it. Amid a chorus of boos from his audience, Justin kicked at the flag with his feet and scraped at it with his mic stand until it finally fell off the stage and into the crowd.

Who is this kid? Honestly. Because at this point he's acting like an overgrown toddler having a tantrum. He's been on tour since September 2012 with no parents, and now he's acting out trying to get attention. Screaming and stomping his feet until he gets attention, good or bad. And until a parent intervenes to put a stop to it, this little manboy is just gonna keep alienating fans and making the remaining ones even more rabid and willing to insult me for writing anything negative about him.

Can't wait.

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