Justin Bieber’s Entourage Got Into A Fight This Weekend While He Was Busy Being Shirtless

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Justin Bieber shirtless in concert Tampa January 2013

It just wouldn't be a proper weekend without some quality Bieber drama to wake up to Monday morning, amirite? This weekend was no exception. Justin Bieber, bucket-pisser extraordinaire,  visited a nightclub in Southampton, New York, on Saturday, and it apparently ended in a parking lot fight. But don't worry, guys, Bieber wasn't the one fighting. I think he prefers to do battle with saliva and empty threats. It was Bieber's entourage who got into the brawl, but let me back up and set the scene for you.

According to The New York Daily News, Bieber arrived at South Pointe nightclub and lay claim to the VIP section. Okay, let's stop right there and do a little math. Justin is 19. According to South Pointe's Yelp page, it's a 21+ club. 21 minus 19 is 2. So this story comes from 2015! My time machine works! Oh, Justin was just let into the club even though he's underage and everyone knows it? Lovely.

Sources told the Daily News that Bieber had four "overbearing" bodyguards protecting him. At one point a female guest tried to talk to Bieber, and her male friend had a "heated exchange" with him. This is where it all started. Get ready, because it's a doozy.

“He (Bieber) ripped his shirt off and went nuts. He was screaming,” says the source. Security moved in, and Bieber was taken from the club out to the parking lot, where his SUVs were waiting.

Sources tell us that at this point the earlier altercation reignited and club patrons, Bieber's friends and the star's security team were involved in a fight; one witness reported seeing blood.

Bieber's publicist apparently told the News that he "was not involved in any altercation." But you guys, this is still absurd. How long before Bieber actually faces some consequences for his reckless behavior? Do we need to send him to prison with Scared Straight and get some sense knocked into him? According to Orange is the New Black and that SNL skit, I'm inclined to think those situations might be less genuinely scary than we're led to believe, but at this point we should probably just try anything short of recreating A Christmas Carol. Actually, let's try that too. Nothing is out of the question. But the first thing we should try is not letting him into clubs. Can we please agree to do that? It's kind of important.

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