Justin Bieber Reportedly Pushed A Girl At A Nightclub, And Obviously He Was Shirtless

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Justin Bieber attending a party at Cannes May 2014

I think we can all agree that Justin Bieber has really been slacking on the scandals lately. I mean, sure he had that accusation of attempted robbery and that paparazzi lawsuit, but I expected more from him. He's gotten so lazy he didn't even bother showing up to hog the attention at Kimye's wedding. He had to do it from afar through his Beliebers. Where were the shirtless nightclub fights hiding all this time? Why was it taking so long for him to cross “shoving a girl” off his bucket list? Thanks to this new report, it looks like the Biebs is back on the douche track.

The Daily Mail reports that Bieber got into a “scuffle” at Gotha nightclub in Cannes recently, during which he was protected by his bodyguards. Photos have surfaced of the incident that depict Bieber being restrained by the guards, and obviously he's shirtless in them. Shirts are just so restrictive when you're getting into a shoving match. According to a witness, it apparently all started when a girl tried to climb over a sofa where Bieber was sitting to join a friend. Bieber allegedly pushed the girl, causing her to fall back on the couch. This got her male friend angry, and he and Bieber apparently began pushing each other around. Bodyguards pulled him away, and the club “blacked out” so the Biebs could be escorted out.

But it wasn't enough to keep him away forever, since he reportedly returned shortly afterward and sat at a different table. In my head, he was wearing a funny nose and glasses, thinking nobody would recognize him as the same shirtless hooligan from earlier. But in my mental picture, he still hasn't put a shirt on, making the disguise completely pointless. Is it healthy that I spend so much time creating headcanons about Justin Bieber's scandals? Probably not, but I'll stop doing it when Bieber stops having scandals. So never, probably.

(Photo: WENN.com)