Bieber Allegedly Slaps A Girl While On A Date With Selena At Dave & Busters — Saddest Sentence Ever

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I gave up on keeping track of whether or not Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are Jelena or J/elena a long time ago, but I was forced to care about it again thanks to this new story about Justin's alleged public behavior last night. There have been recent spottings and whisperings that these two are back together, and now we can add “Dave & Busters date” to that list. That's right. Last night Justin and Selena were apparently at an LA Dave & Busters together… and Justin allegedly proceeded to slap someone. A someone of the female variety.

I'll get to the slapping in a minute, but first I just need to make sure you understand what I'm telling you right now. According to Gossip Cop, last night Justin and Selena were at Dave & Busters. You know Dave & Busters, right? It's that place where you can simultaneously consume food and earn tickets playing arcade games. Tickets you can then exchange for exciting prizes that you will put in a closet somewhere and never look at again. That's actually not true. The pendulum I won when I was twelve is on a shelf, not in a closet. But Justin and Selena were there. Presumably on a date. At Dave & Busters.

Okay, now that we've gotten that cleared up and your mouth is hanging open the appropriate amount, let's talk about the alleged altercation. Apparently cops were called to the restaurant (slash arcade, slash pretend casino) after a fan supposedly recorded video of Justin and Selena but refused to show his security team the footage. Then the police reportedly left after it was determined the fan had her phone and no crimes were committed.

BUT… according to Gossip Cop, a witness claims (and they're very adamant it being only a claim) that Bieber “backhand slapped the female fan while she was recording him.” However, no one else, including the police, has verified this. Still, it's not the first time Bieber's been accused of hitting a girl. Earlier this summer in Cannes he allegedly pushed a girl climbing over the sofa where he was sitting in a nightclub. So I honestly wouldn't be surprised.

Another thing that's not surprising? Selena hanging out with Justin again. And girl really needs to raise her standards in more ways than one if they're going to Dave & Busters on dates. Dave. &. Busters.

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