Justin Bieber Fans Camp Out In A Blizzard For The Chance To See Him Host SNL Badly

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As you may know, it's fixin' to come a storm here in New York City today. The view out my window just changed from rain to angry-looking snow, and we could get up to three feet of the stuff. So what the heck are these crazy kids doing camped out outside NBC's famed 30 Rock building?

What's that you say? They are waiting to see Justin Bieber host SNL badly? Oh dear.

This is a bad idea for the obvious reasons: they could get robbed or assaulted, or die of hypothermia. But those are concerns primarily for their parents, who probably think they're all sleeping at each other's houses right now. Personally, I'm more worried about their development as cultured individuals. If you are going to camp out for standby SNL tickets you might not even get, you should at least do it when someone better is hosting. Like Lana Del Rey.

How do I know Justin Bieber isn't going to be good? Just check out the promo for his hosting spot:

As you can see, Kenan Thompson does most of the comedic work, and all of the jokes are about how adored Justin Bieber is by everyone. He has yet to show us any sign that he's able to make fun of himself, which, as Lindsay Lohan demonstrated, does not make for a great guest appearance. Playing the same exaggeratedly self-satisfied, “swaggy” manchild he always plays doesn't count, because that is not self-satire. It's just Justin being himself.

To the kids camped out in front of 30 Rock, I beg of you: pack up your tents and take the PATH train back to New Jersey. Your parents are worried about you, and so am I. And have you heard of this new boy band called One Direction? You may find them a bit more “of the moment.”

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