Justin Bieber Went On Ellen’s Show Again, And This Time He Remembered To Break A Camera

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Justin Bieber on the Ellen Show T-shirt gun September 2015

You know that episode of 30 Rock where Liz just wants to have a relaxing summer vacation drinking wine in the Hamptons and learning Spanish? Remember how her language tape teaches her how to say desastre iminente immediately before Tracy hits a golf ball onto her deck and breaks a table? They should play that tape every time Justin Bieber goes anywhere, because disaster is most definitely approaching.

Take, for example, his latest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which he taped in New York City earlier this week. This isn't the first time Justin's been on the show. It's kind of been his go-to thing this year when he senses the public losing interest in him. However, all those other times he was on the show he forgot one very important thing — to break a camera. This time he wasn't so forgetful.

No, he didn't do this intentionally because he disapproved of the way the cameraman was filming him. (In case you missed it, he got pissy about exactly that during his Today appearance yesterday.) It was due to Justin being careless with a T-shirt cannon. Why Ellen thought it was a good idea to put a T-shirt cannon into Justin Bieber's hands is beyond me, but she did it.

While he and Ellen are shooting shirts into the crowd, Justin gets the brilliant idea to aim the cannon at the camera, because haha what a goofball. Unfortunately he doesn't predict that the force of the cannon (which is obvious to anyone watching and should certainly be obvious to someone holding it in his hand) will cause damage. But it does. Let this be a lesson to all talk show hosts not to give Bieber anything more dangerous than a teddy bear to play with. Actually, don't even give him that. If anyone can manage to do damage with a teddy bear, it's Bieber.

(Photo: Laura Cavanaugh/FilmMagic)