Justin Bieber Might Be Charged With A Felony, Someone Grab The Popcorn

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Justin Bieber attending the premiere of his documentary Believe December 2013

Poor Justin Bieber.  The kid simply cannot catch a break, am I right?  He's just a stressed out, entitled young millionaire with the world at his disposal and if he wants to egg his neighbor's house for no reason, he damn well should be allowed to do so.  Except that's not what the L.A. County Sheriff's Office thinks.  Oh noes.

After engaging in a terrorizing game of throwing egg whites and yolks all over the place on Thursday night (sorry vegan readers – that's a pretty graphic image for you), the police were called and seemingly all of the nonsense ended with Justin receiving a standard talking-to.

Not so fast, say the sheriffs!  Apparently two detectives met with the owner of The House That Bieber Egged, and these law enforcement officials believe this is may be their best chance to nail Bieber once and for all because of video evidence and physical damage to the home. (I don't understand that part either. Were they fossilized dinosaur eggs?)

Anyhoo – if the damage to the neighbor's home exceeds more than $400, then Bieber's case legally can become a case of felony vandalism in the state of California.  According to TMZ, the sheriff's office would be ticked absolutely pink to slap a felony charge on Justin Bieber, who has apparently eluded the long egg arm of the law long enough.

Even though the odds of Justin Bieber, Graffiti Artist To The Stars, being charged with a felony–let alone spending one second in jail–are a bajillion to one, let's just say if one could be sentenced to jail time for committing acts of douchebaggery, Justin would have a life sentence by now.

(Photo: WENN)