Here’s The GIF Of Justin Bieber In Jail That His Team Didn’t Want Us To See

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Justin Bieber walking a line in jail 2014Can you hear that rumbling? It's the sound of Justin Bieber‘s empire coming crashing to the ground in an avalanche of swag and pot smoke.

It's been happening for months, but the latest push happened just now when footage of Justin attempting to walk a straight line at the jail was released, even though his legal team tried to block it. They insisted that it wouldn't do anyone any good to see it, but it got out anyway, and now you can spend the whole entire rest of your day watching Justin toddle in his be-slippered feet from one end of the intake room to the other, while observed by a very stern cop. Just like a sleepy old duck! Not exactly the way his team would prefer you to see him.

And that's how I know Justin is way more out of control than we probably even realize. We've known he's struggling for a really long time, but it's an especially bad sign for him when his team isn't even able to put a spin on what's happening. No sooner do they say he wasn't racing when he was pulled over than the records from the rented Lamborghini's GPS get out, saying he was doing 136. He gets offered a plea deal, but he turns it down because it's too much to ask that he not do drugs in the future.

There's just nothing looking all that good for them, especially now that this clip is out. You can clearly see Justin wobbling on one of the steps, and according to officers, this video is a key part of their intoxication case against him. Whomp whomp.

I don't know man. Even if you can't pull it together all the way, you need to pull it together at least enough that you're not hanging your team out to dry.

(Image: BuzzFeed)